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Text via: Halloween Swim Team
Here is our latest video. Its for the song “Thin Airlines” from The End Of The Sky. We pretty much made it ourselves at home in the living room where our good friend Josh Clarkson filmed us playing. I did the editing. We’ll be collaborating with Josh on some future videos. There are some shots of us messing around when we filmed ourselves on our last tour and came upon a mysterious Masonic Temple in Petaluma, Ca. Too bad they wouldn’t let us inside. For the record, the cat’s name is Pachuki. (Pah-choo-kee)



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Download: Halloween Swim Team “Inside Out TV”

Halloween Swim Team just released their new album The End Of Sky (Modern Sleeze Records) last week. I appreciate the triple synths and what may or may not be a Roland CompuRhythm 78 performing some drum loops in the beginning of Inside Out TV.

In addition to their band they also put on amazing shows in their living room. IN fact their last show on New Years was quite a stellar performance complete with a Vermont House New Years Ball full of glitter and stuffed puppies!