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Awesome b-side from the Leviathan Brothers for an upcoming single on White Noise, featuring L.A. RECORD veteran SOC!



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If someone described you as vividly rapping about drugs, violence, pornographic sex and everything that’s remotely evil, what might you make of ‘evil?’
Juicy J (producer/MC): I don’t think talking about sex is evil. We talk about real life situations. You can’t please everybody. Everybody got their opinion and everybody got their questions. Sometimes you can give a person a straightforward answer­—sometimes you give them an answer and they gotta think. At times like now, I’m like, ‘Hey, it’s whatever it is. It is what it is.’ The Three 6 Mafia album’s got something on there for everyone. It’s not all about drug use. It’s not all about sex. A couple records on there are some good inspirational records. I guarantee there’s something they’ll like—something they can relate to. (Read More)


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Who was the first person who ever said the words ‘hip-hop’ to you?
I’m so damn old—ain’t like nobody ever said it to me! I was there before it started—totally honest. My father had a radio show at KACE, and I’d go while he was doing his talk show and sit in the control room with carts and cassettes—do mixes. No rap—just funk, soul, pop and new wave. And the first turntables—there was no such thing as Technics 1200s. I had turntables with the tone arm on the track—linear tracking. I learned mixes on those first! The first time I ever heard hip-hop was probably one of the early cats from New York. I wanna say Spoonie G or something? I was at KACE and it was a promo but they didn’t play rap, so they’d just give it to me—‘What the hell is this stuff?’ And we started rapping at school and battling each other—we didn’t know it was something groundbreaking. ‘This is better than just hanging out!’ (Read More)


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L.A. RECORD’s Rena Kosnett interviewed Isaac Hayes last week in preparation for his performance later this month at Sunset Junction. We were saddened today to learn of his passing in Memphis. As far as we know, this is his final interview (7/31/2008).

Rolling Stone named ‘Soul Man’ as one of the 500 greatest songs of all time. Do you think most people realize you and David Porter wrote that song?
Maybe, maybe not. Some people, they don’t connect it—they think it was Sam and Dave, because they made it well known. (Read More)


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Is it true that Ypsilanti has the most dick-shaped water tower in the united states?

Elliott Bergman (saxophone): It is true! I can speak from experience. I drive by it quite often. It’s definitely in my top five—I’ll give it that!

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